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A Christian Life Made Purposeful

I am a housewife and a mother of a six-year-old. I was born and raised in a Christian home. My parents both came to believe in the Lord Jesus when they were young. Because they loved the Lord Jesus, they instilled in us a real love and fear toward God.

I believed in the Lord at a very young age. Especially at the young people's retreats, during my teenage years, I touched the love of the Lord many times. Tears were shed and consecration vows were offered during those moments when He was so near to me. But like many teenagers, I began to be drawn by the glitter of the world; the tide of this age was so powerful that it overtook me. For three years, my heart was captured by the empty mirages of the world. But God was merciful to me! He drew me back to Himself and I saw how false and disappointing the world was. His love for me was so sweet and His person so solid. At that instance I gave my life again to Him. I wanted His best!

A few years later the Lord answered my prayers and accepted my consecration. He brought me to a Full Time Christian Training with Brother Witness Lee. There, I was helped to love preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, see more truth in the Bible, and to build up a stronger personal relationship with Christ. But most of all, Witness Lee and others helped me to see that God has a purpose on the earth, which is His church, composed of all believers in Christ, and I wanted to be a part of Godís work. Since that time, my accomplishment in a worldly career has meant nothing to me. I just want to serve my Lord for the rest of my life.

I thank the Lord for gaining me and for giving me some believers that helped me to see a vision concerning the Christian life, making my life so meaningful and purposeful. Today, I am not giving my life to build up a world that is soon to end. But I am giving my time and energy to cooperate with God to build up His church so He can come back soon (Eph 4:15-16).

Naomi Minahan

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